COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

CURRENT AS OF - 13 July 2022


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By order of Lajes Field US Forces Installation Commander:


Effective immediately and IAW with Host Nation, PoAF, CDC, DoD and EUCOM guidance, on-base mask wear policy is hereby rescinded for all personnel regardless of vaccination status. This applies to US-owned facilities. Follow posted directions on Portuguese controlled spaces, should they be more restrictive.


Masks are required only in the following circumstances:

Seeking care at the Medical Aid Station
Public transportation
Identified by medical authorities as a close contact with an individual who has received a positive COVID result.

Masks are encouraged to be worn by personnel experiencing cold or flu like symptoms as a forward leaning respectful mitigation tactic to ensure care for self and work proximity associates.


Furthermore, Lajes Field has met all required conditions for unrestricted travel to/from the installation.


Personnel no longer need an exception to policy memo or commander-to-commander coordination for travel to/from the installation (T-RAT).


All members are responsible to ensure they adhere to airline/transportation and country specific travel requirements when traveling on leave.


Covid-19 Entry Requirements for Portugal:

Beginning July 1, 2022, COVID entry requirements have been lifted in order
to enter Portugal.  A negative COVID-19 test, certificate of vaccination or
a certificate of recovery is no longer required in Portuguese airports,
borders, air and sea travel.  However, a mask is still required in public
transportation, which includes TAP and SATA flights.

Entry Requirements for the United States:

On June 12, 2022, the CDC order requiring all persons aged two and above to
show a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from
COVID-19 before boarding a flights to the United States, was rescinded.
However, if you are a non-US citizen, you will be required to show proof of

Other European Countries:

Before travelling to other European countries, please check the website for
the particular country in order to find out the latest Covid-19

If you have any questions, please contact the Political Affairs Office at
535-3381 or the IDMT Office at 535-4233.




Monday-Friday between 0800-1500

Commercial: 351 295-57-4233/1086  On-Call Phone: 927-156-485

The Medical Aid Station asks that you follow proper protocol for access to medical care with the reopening of the Chace Fitness Center.

1. Call before visiting the medical aid station for any reason: medical care, in/out processing, or general questions.

2. DO NOT enter through the Fitness Center front doors.

3. Patients are to use a single point entry through the back entrance of the fitness center.

4. You will be escorted by Medical Aid Station personnel in and out of the facility.

5. You are required to wear a cloth face covering.

We ask that if you are utilizing the gym, please DO NOT use the Medical Aid Station area as a walkthrough. There are cones in place to remind gym patrons not to enter this area.

These procedures are in place to protect the patients, gym patrons, and medical staff.




This flowchart also included in the “Policy and Resources” section above answers frequently asked questions and provides a tool for employees and supervisors to manage COVID-19 related absences. If you have a unique situation, or need clarification on any civilian personnel related issue, please contact Civilian Personnel Section at 535-5137.




International Travel Rules for US CDC

US Embassy COVID-19 Information

Register with the State Department SMART Traveler Program website:

Be sure to select Ponta Delgada as closest embassy & include LAJES FIELD/DEROS in the address block.

Regional Government of the Azores COVID-19 web page

European Union website - you can find information on each European country.


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