Lajes ES/HS 

Vision Statement:  All stakeholders will provide a nurturing, safe learning environment which will contribute to the development of responsible students who possess the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and values to succeed in a changing world.

"The Lajes Field Unit School will continue to operate through the end of SY 2014-2015. The program of instruction for sponsored students in Grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade will remain traditional and classroom based. For High School students, the school will provide instruction through the DoDEA Virtual School and will supplement this by maintaining two certified high school teachers on site. These teachers will provide some direct instruction based upon their qualifications and facilitate Virtual School courses.  This arrangement will provide a strong program for all students and ensure the transition needs of remaining High School students are addressed. The primary goal of DoDDS-Europe is to maintain a high-quality instructional program throughout the Lajes transition."

Parents can find current information about the
School at the following website:

Lajes ES/HS registration:

Education from kindergarten through 12th grade is provided for eligible family members at the Lajes Elementary/High School located in the base housing area.


For more information, contact the School Liaison Officer at DSN: 312 - 535-5158
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