How to start the Live Stream?
The video stream starts automatically when we are live. To start it manually just click on the play symbol of the video player. If that does not work, we might not be live streaming yet. Please check our Facebook page for updates.   


When do you broadcast Live and how do I know about it?
Just visit our Facebook page to stay informed:


You can also Like the page and request to be notified when we live.


What devices can I use to watch the Live stream?
This live stream is compatible with all devices that can play video.   

I was watching fine but the video stopped?

You just need to refresh your browser by clicking F5 or the link “Live” link again.

The video keeps buffering and pausing?
You probably do not have enough internet bandwidth to watch live video. If you are using a wireless device, try getting closer to the router that is connecting you to the internet.

How can I verify if I have enough bandwidth to watch video online? 

You can use this website to do a speed test. 
You need a sustainable bit rate of at least 10Mbps.


Useful links to update your PC:


Intel Drivers:


Nvidia Drivers:


ATI/AMD Drivers:


Your online video experience depends on your computer hardware, software and internet connection speed so it’s always a good idea to test your device and connection before that special moment that you cannot miss. Even if you do, we will probably share the video at a later time on the same website so that you can review it at your convenience.

Enjoy and please provide us feedback on both the live stream and the event.  

For additional info contact: lajestv48@gmail.com

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