Education and Training Center

Education and Training Center

Hours of Operation   Contact Information

Monday 1100 to 1500
Tuesday 1100 to 1500
Wednesday 1100 to 1700
Thursday 1100 to 1700
Friday Closed
The National Test Center will administer exams on Wednesdays. *Closed US Federal Holidays


Buldings T-100 room 225 & 227

Phone: DSN 535-1115

For AFVEC issues and TA, please contact Mr. Randy Phillips at


UMUC academic calendar can also be found here:

*** Do note that due to the late holiday, UMUC Europe classes will start on the 16th of January versus the 9th as originally scheduled.  This allows students to have more time to apply for TA and register for classes.

The current UMUC class schedule can be found here: 

This page lists both on-site and online courses and can be searched interactively by session dates, class subject and UMUC locations. 


The Lajes schedule for this spring is listed here:

Education and Training Specialist

Lucia Ribeiro
DSN: 535-1115
Comm: 011-351-295-571-115


Location/Available: T-100, Room 116 (In Civilian Personnel Office)


Mon-Wed, 0800-1200


Thu-Fri, 1300-1700


Call or e-mail to schedule appointment for:


CCAF updates/status and AFVEC updates


Education briefings/status


E-mail to schedule:


Course 14/15 PME (Forward e-mail from Barnes Center)


CDC Testing (Forward e-mail from CDSAR)


Weekly Test Information: (Not available for appointments +2 hours)


Tuesdays at 0900, Thursdays at 1400


DSN 535-2886 or 



The National Test Center and University of Maryland University College office is located in the Lajes Education Center in Building T-100 in CPO Office. 
For more information click here 

Useful Links

• Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC)
• GI Bill Benefits
• Transfer Education Benefits
• Tuition Assistance (TA Decide)
• Study Guides for CLEPS/DSST
• PMC (Professional Manager Certification):


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