ICE Interactive Customer Evaluation

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2024/05/21 01:56 PM
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ICE - Interactive Customer Evaluation
ICE - Interactive Customer Evaluation

The ICE system allows you to submit online comment cards to rate our service providers here.


The great feedback we receive in our facilities and suggestions for improvements need to be supported from the top and tracked by our leaders – ICE is the answer.


Your voice as a customer will make a difference in an ever-changing demographics so that our managers can adjust to customer needs. 


ICE provides us — and you — the following benefits:


• Allows you to quickly and easily provide important feedback to our service provider managers;


• Gives our leadership timely data on service quality;


• Allows our managers to benchmark the performance of their service providers against other DoD organizations;


• Encourages communication across our organizations by comparing best practices to increase performance results;


• Saves money.

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