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Post Office


To obtain an APO Box:

Provide a copy of your orders to your sponsor.  A sponsor is authorized to request an APO box for you. An APO box may be activated 60 days prior to your arrival. APO boxes may be issued to individuals who are DoD active duty or DoD civilian authorized by their orders. All authorized members may also have services for their dependents who are listed on their orders.


1: You cannot ship weapons, alcohol, hazardous materials, and organizational material like brochures.

2: Home business owners, like Pampered Chef, are not authorized to receive any material which is used in selling goods, such as catalogs, free supplies, and individual orders. They must have the order sent to the individual who is purchasing the goods.

3: The PO does not offer express mail at Lajes because of the flight schedule

4: The PO does not provide service for FedEx and UPs


Holiday Mail:

Mail usually takes around 2-4 weeks to arrive at Lajes, depending on the service and origin; however, during the holiday season it may be up to 8-10 weeks so plan accordingly.

Hold Mail:

When going TDY or on leave, please stop by the post office place your mailbox on hold. Packages will be returned after 30 days if a mail hold (DD Form 2258) is not completed.


Before you PCS please stop by the post office with a copy of your PCS ORDERS and provide us your FOWARDING ADDRESS.  Once completed, we’ll sign you off on the Virtual Out-processing Checklist (VOP).


Payment is not required for any items being shipped to another MPO/APO. This also applies for personal items during a TDY.  The Post Office is supplied with multiple sizes of Priority Mail boxes and labels; no other packaging is available. We also supply money orders and stamps; no other place on base can provide them.

Click N’ Ship:

Go to the USPS website and use the Click N’ Ship option, for an even easier way to ship your packages. The process is easy, simply navigate to and create an account. This gives you access to utilize Click N’ Ship and all of its features. With Click N’ Ship you are able to choose a shipping method, create a shipping label, fill in a customs form, and pay for the postage all from the comfort of your own home. When you have your package all ready to go, come by the post office and drop it off. We will handle it from there!


For the Click N’ Ship 101 Guide please Click N Ship 101



Post Office 

If you have any questions, please contact the Post Office at or 535-1203 

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