Top of the Rock Commons Lunch Specials

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Top of the Rock Commons Lunch Specials
Top of the Rock Commons Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials: 27 Nov - 1 Dec


Monday: Portuguese Alcatra w/Rice and Vegetables

Soup: Portuguese Soup

Tuesday: Pasta a Bolognese w/Garlic Bread and Vegetables

Soup: Pea Cream

Wednesday: Chicken Gordon Bleu w/Gratin Potatoes and Vegetables

Soup: Chicken Soup

Thursday: Tuna Lasagna w/Garlic Bread and Vegetables

Soup: Fish Soup

Friday: Spicy Pork w/Rice and Vegetables

Soup: Cream of Pumpkin Soup 


November Food Specials

Fall Pizza: $17.95 (Turkey breast, sweet potatoes, onions, raisins & mozzarella cheese)

Buffalo Chicken Crunch Wrap: $12.95 (Tortilla wrap, chicken breast, hot sauce, lettuce, tomato & purple onion


November Bar Specials

Mocktail Calm Ginger: $1.95 (Chamomile, turmeric sugar, rich syrup, agave)

Cocktail Basil Smash: $8.65 (Fresh lime juice, rich syrup, martin millers, fresh basil)

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