Lodging Guest Directory Binder - Guest Responsibilities


In order to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests, we ask that you please abide by the following guidelines:


  1. All guests must be registered at the Reception Desk.

  2. Registered guest and/or sponsor is responsible for guest conduct.

  3. Keep any audio equipment to reasonable decibel levels.

  4. Weapons and ammunition are prohibited in lodging rooms and surroundings.

  5. To conserve energy, please turn off television and light when room is unoccupied.

  6. Pornographic, inflammatory, offensive or prejudicial material will not be displayed in quarters.

  7. Shirt and shoes must be worn in public and common use areas, including laundry rooms and fitness rooms.

  8. Pets are not allowed in guest rooms or on the premises, including being left in vehicles. Anyone found keeping pets in their room, may be asked to immediately vacate quarters and may be charged up to a $150.00 fee, based on expenses incurred with sanitizing/cleaning. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to maintain our excellent quarters.

  9. Smoking is prohibited in all lodging facilities. A cleaning fee will be assessed up to $150.00 fee in indication of smoking is discovered.

  10. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by guests of legal age (21), only in sleeping rooms.

  11. Please do not display “Do Not Disturb” sign in unoccupied rooms. To ensure health and safety standards are being maintained, housekeeping staff must have access to rooms.

  12. Cooking is only permitted in rooms with cooking appliances. Use of hot plates is strictly prohibited.

  13. Do not store flammable liquids in your room.

  14. All pots, pans, dishes, kitchen utensils, appliances to include microwave, toaster, refrigerator, dishwasher, cook-top and oven must be kept clean during your stay.

  15. Personal clothing should be stored neatly, housekeeping staff are not permitted to handle guest’s personal items.

  16. Report any maintenance problems during normal duty hours to the housekeeping staff. After normal duty hours, report to the Lodging Reception Desk.

  17. If you rearrange furniture, please ensure it is restored to its original position.


Housekeeping Service


  • Housekeeping service is provided daily from 0800 to 1630. If a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign is on the door, the housekeeping staff will return after 1300. If the sign is still displayed, no service will be provided. However, your room will be skipped up to three days. Guests must allow housekeeping staff access to their rooms on the fourth day for safety and awareness reasons.

  • Please do not display your ‘DO NOT DISTURB” sign if your room is unoccupied.

  • Complete cleaning service will consist primarily of towel, washcloth and soap replacement, emptying trash, making beds, wiping countertops and bathroom areas, dusting furniture and fixtures, as well as weekly linen replacement and through cleaning. Floors/carpet are mopped/vacuumed daily or as needed. If you wish to have your towels replaced, please place them on the bathroom floor. An extra blanket is provided in each room closet. Please feel free to ask your housekeeper for extra linens and amenities if needed.

  • Bed linens are changed weekly and upon check-out. Clean towels and washcloths are exchanged daily on a one for one basis.

  • Four coffee packets (two regular and two decaffeinated) are provided per day. Additional will be provided upon request.

  • Housekeeping staff are trained to not touch personal items. Guests can help our housekeeping staff by placing clothing in closets, drawers, etc…

  • Last call for housekeeping service is at 16:00. Our housekeeping staff is ready and willing to make your stay at the Mid-Atlantic Lodge a most memorable one. If you need cleaning services assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Front Desk by pressing “000” from your phone.

  • Please take a moment and fill out the Customer Comment card found in your room or at the Reception Desk and give us your feedback. Your comfort is our first priority
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