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Mail Delivery

To receive mail, guests may set up a general delivery address by contacting the post office at 535-1203. Mail can be dropped off at the post office or at the Lodging Reception Desk.

We are not authorized to receive personal mail.


Payment Procedures

Express checkout is provided to all DV Business Suites. All remaining guests must provide a valid credit card and government identification card for verification purposes at time of check-in. Guests who do not have a valid credit card must pay in advance at check-in with cash or check. Those guests staying less than 15 days and paying with credit card can have their credit card charged at the check-in or wait until checkout to have their lodging charges billed. All long-term lodging guests (staying over 15 days), whether paying by credit card, cash, or check, will return to the front desk at 15-day intervals to verify and pay their bill or pay in advance for next 15 days. All space available guests, regardless of method of payment, will pay for their stay in advance at check-in. All guests checking in will sign the guest registration form that advises them lodging is authorized to apply any unpaid charges to their credit card.



If for any reason you check-out early and have a refund due, it will be paid in cash if the advance payment received was in cash or check. If advance payment was made with a credit card, payment will be credited back into your credit card.



Should you require assistance on reservations at the Mid-Atlantic Lodge, please contact our Reception Desk by dialing “000”.


Room Rates

Current room rates are as follow:

DVQ           $92.00

VQ               $87.00


Space Available Guests

Room reservations for Priority 2 guests (space available) will be accepted and confirmed up to 120 days based on projected occupancy, except in times of contingency, emergency, or when the installation commander determines higher priorities exist.


Wireless Internet

We provide in-room wireless internet service in all facilities for your use and comfort at no charge. Instructions are available in your room. For assistance, please call the Reception Desk.


Wake-up Service

All rooms are equipped with an alarm clock/radio. Guests may also be able to schedule a wake-up call with the Reception Desk or use our automated wake-up call service. For that dial 600 and follow the instructions.

Please dial “000” for any assistance needed.


Zulu Time

Zulu time is one hour ahead of Lajes local time except during Daylight Savings when they are synonymous.


Parking Areas

Each of our facilities has a parking area for your use. Please keep these areas clean. Vehicle maintenance, changing oil and washing are not permitted.


Security of Personal Property

The security of personal property is the responsibility of guests. Ensure the door is locked when you leave the room. Keep valuables locked in the safe existent in your room. Do not leave personal items in hallways, lounges, conference rooms or laundry rooms.

Money or highly valuable items laying around the room will be reported to management by the housekeepers. Guests are required to return to the room to secure such items before service is provided. If the guest cannot be found, service will not be provided, and a notice will be left in the room.

Please keep in mind that Lodging is not responsible for your losses.


Guest Liability

Occupants residing in government quarters are responsible for their conduct and any actions on the part of their dependents and/or guests Personnel may be held liable for any damage beyond fair wear and tear, and any missing government property. In addition, any damage resulting from gross negligence of willful misconduct on the part of the occupant can result in liability for the total amount of the government’s actual financial loss.


Visitor/Overnight Guest Privileges

There are no restrictions on adult visitors or registered guests. An overnight guest must be a spouse or dependent.


Maintenance of Facilities

Report maintenance discrepancies to the registration desk. A room maintenance form is also available in the room. You may complete this form and put it on the front desk or leave it in the room for the housekeeper.


Energy Conservation Tips

. Turn off lights when not in use.

. Turn heat down when you leave quarters.

. Report leaking faucets and broken windows immediately.

. Turn off the radio and TV and unplug the coffee pot when not in use.

. Keep exterior doors closed all the time.

. When air conditioning or heat is on, keep windows closed.


Smoking Policy

All Lodging facilities to include sleeping rooms, laundry rooms and common use rooms are smoke free. Violation of this smoke free policy will lead to charges being accessed to professionally clean the room. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Please ask for guidance at the Front Desk.


Quarters Evaluation

We have Customer Comment Cards located at the Front Desk and in your room, so you can tell us the type of service you received and make suggestions on any weakness you think we have. Tell us up front about any problem you have or deficiency you see, so it can be fixed while you are still with us. Your fair evaluation will help us continue to make the best even better.

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