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          Mrs. Luiza is a pet lover and loves pet sitting here on the island. You must contact her and schedule ahead of time to guarantee space  availability. Sometimes she is even to meet members at the airport so then you can follow her to the destination and see the conditions for yourself and familiarize with the location for pick up and future visits while your pet is there. When making appointments please don’t schedule any drop offs or any pickups on Sundays, she will make an exception if it’s justified. Remember to call the day before dropping off, pickup or before any time you would like to visit.


• Lajes Field to Rua da Gorgita 9760-657 Nº13 São Brás, Drive 7.4 km, 9 min
• Contact - Luisa Verissimo - 966105871 - 2955706468, luisa.verissimo@sapo.pt



Woofland - Terceira


• Dog hotel
• Day care – (includes: activities like–basic obedience training mental stimulation, physical and olfactory agility, positive canine dressage (socialization training, desensitization)
• Pet sitting (including in your home)
• Dog walking
• Dog grooming


• Lajes Field to Woofland - Canada da Francesa Nº 100, Drive 25.2 km, 24 min
• Contact - Catarina Melo - 966388806


















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