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Your sponsor should meet you at the airport if you relayed your travel plans. Report to the MPS building T-100 to receive your in-processing checklists. Check with the MPS or your unit to determine when you will start Right Start. Air Force personnel are required to attend the Newcomer’s Orientation (Right Start) by the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Right Start is an all encompassing, one location in-process, which is conducted normally every month at builing T-100 at 0730-1630. Spouses and civilians are encouraged to attend. Also be prepared to meet with your sponsor/immediate supervisor the morning or afternoon after your arrival. They will brief you on local policies and procedures to ensure you have a successful tour at Lajes.


You will be required to show your ID card to get on and off base. Family members are required to have a Portuguese ID card to enter the base. All military dependents (spouses/children, etc) over the age of 10 MUST get this new pass in addition to their military ID Card. It will be worn at all times on base. They will go to the glass Portuguese bldg next to the main gate (towards Praia) to get the IDs. Their business Hrs are 0800-1200 & 1300-1545 M-F. Mid-morning/mid-afternoon are slow times for them. AB4 will provide the little metal alligator clip that loops on the card. Dependents do NOT need to have the sponsor with them to drop off application, take photos, or pick up badge; however, if sponsor is NOT accompanying the dependents then the SQ CC should sign & print their name & position on the bottom of AB4 Application (sponsor block).


Friends or relatives who visit must have a pass to get on base. Be aware that weekend arrivals with spouse/children can have problems going on/off base if you do not have a pass. Apply through Security Forces, T-815 at least two weeks before the visit. We are tenants at this base; the Portuguese must approve visitors' passes.


From CONUS: Contact your local TMO for availability and flight reservations or visit their page here.
From OCONUS: There are no AMC channels to Lajes Field from OCONUS bases. Travel will be via commercial air. All flights will be routed through Lisbon, Portugal with a final destination of Terceira (TER).

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