The island has DSL and Fiber services available for commercial internet with phone and TV. An UPS battery backup is recommended because of occasional power outages. Free Wi-Fi and computers are available at the Top of the Rock Commons for your use.


The phones here range in price from inexpensive disposable to high end. There are 3 carriers on the island (MEO, NOS and Vodaphone), with a wide variety of contracts. From MEO or NOS you can purchase internet service, cell phone and cable at local stores 5 minutes away from the Base. Some US tri-band will work if they are unlocked. Contact one of the cell phone companies for more information.




The TV is PAL and the American system is NTSC. AFN is free on-base. AFN broadcasts 9 channels. Local cable is also available on and off-base from MEO or NOS. English speaking channels and channels with sub-titles are available. Satellite TV is also available off base.


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