NATO Orders

You will need NATO orders to board the plane. 
These orders can be done by either your unit CSS or the MPF. 
Procedures vary by organization so make sure you understand who is cutting the orders and where you get them. 
The dates on the orders should encompass your entire anticipated tour length at Lajes. 
Orders must be original signatures in BLUE ink and have an official stamp. 

Base Pass

It's highly encouraged for military members to apply for a tourist passport if you have intentions of visiting Europe. MPS can help you obtain a passport.

Base pass is required for all dependents (over 10) to be displayed while on base. Complete the form prior to arrival. Click here to download a Base Pass Request form. 


US Government civilians require a No Fee passport.  In an emergency or hardship situation, DoD civilian employees may enter Portugal and the Azores using tourist passports. Portuguese immigration authorities will place resident visa stamps in either fee or no-fee passports. Emergency or hardship situations include medical emergencies, family illness or death, non-receipt of no-fee passports, separation of family members, and other similar situations. Travelers must either have applied for a no-fee passport or agreed to apply for it at their earliest convenience. For further information regarding this issue go to 

You can click here for the Passports for Residency Stamp letter. 

E-mail Set Up

STEP 1. 

Inbound personnel are required to complete the following documentation prior to gaining e-mail access. To expedite the process, complete this documentation as much as possible and forward to your sponsor or gaining supervisor prior to arrival. ALL FORMS MUST BE DIGITALLY SIGNED WHERE REQUIRED!

AF Form 4394, Air Force User Agreement Statement - Notice and Consent Provision

DD Form 2875, System Authorization Access Request (SAAR)

DoD Information Assurance Awareness Training Certificate 
(NOTE: Training must have been accomplished within 1 year)


Inbound member’s sponsor or gaining supervisor will need to finish completing the forms and forward all documents to their Organizational Information Assurance Officer (OIAO) for processing. NOTE: If the member is PCSing from another USAFE base, there may be a delay in creating the new account.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the local Information Assurance Office at CS.

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