There are NO Motorcycle Operator Training classes available on the island. For some reason, you don't meet the requirements (click here to download), or won't meet while you're here, then you won't be authorized to ride a motorcycle while stationed at Lajes.

Many people ship one vehicle and buy an island “bomb” as a second one. It takes about 2 months for your personal vehicle to arrive, depending on where it is shipped from and how long it has to wait for the next ship.

Check your POV delivery status:

Undercoating your vehicle is a great recommendation. Mud flaps are required for vehicles manufactured before the year 2000. It may be difficult to find OEM flaps for your car here, so try to purchase and install them before you ship your car. Fog lights are required. 

Word of caution: The roads here are narrow and curvy and the local residents drive fast and park anywhere, including on the side of very narrow streets. This makes an already narrow road very, very tight in which to maneuver. Large vehicles may be a challenge given these driving conditions, but with care, you can get around the island in them.


Driving Privileges/Licenses

- Operating any GOV or POV on Terceira Island is a privilege granted by 65 ABG/CC

- Persons accepting this privilege must possess and produce, on demand by law enforcement personnel, an identification card or Common Access Card, a Lajes Form 13, US Private Motor Vehicle Operator Identification Card (in English and Portuguese), Safety Inspection Certificate and proof of valid auto insurance while operating any POV. When you register your “P” plated vehicles with the AB4 Pass & Registration, please be advised that they only accept a Green International Insurance Card labeled "original." They will accept a print out that is labeled "copy" which they can issue a temporary base vehicle pass, but members must provide the "original" in order to obtain a permanent AB4 vehicle pass.

- Safety Inspection Certificate and proof of valid auto insurance is not required when operating GOVs

- Individuals assigned to Lajes Field must be 18 years of age or older in order to drive

- The Lajes Form 13 issued by Safey Office (T-100, Room 209) is what is required to drive in Portugal

- All newly assigned personnel and family members who intend to drive, must attend the local driving conditions class and obtain a Lajes Field Form 13, Operator License (no test is required). The course is offered during the Right Start Program.

- Members stationed at Lajes must have either a valid stateside license or an International Driver’s License in order to receive the local Operator License. The base will recognize the military clause that most states have allowing extensions after expiration dates; however, it is best to have a driver’s license that has not yet expired. It’s important to try to get a valid state driver's license as soon as you can. If an individual arrives at Lajes Field without a license or a license not recognized by Portugal, the individual may attend a local driving school to obtain a valid license.  The individual must pass the host nation's driver examination before a Lajes Form 13 will be issued.

- Detailed information may be obtained during “Right Start”. 

Once at Lajes, you can get your license plates made before your car arrives.

Step 1: Visit the Pass and ID section near the main gate. You will need the following to register your car:
- Lajes Field Drivers License-you will get this at Right Start.
- Current Overseas Insurance. This can be obtained through Geico or USAA. (The actual green insurance card or a print out.) Shipping Document (788)

Step 2: Visit Marketing in T-121 Room 107 with your proof of registration to receive your plates. Click here for prices.
Once your car arrives:
- You need to get your required vehicle safety inspection.

Call the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) to find out if your vehicle is available for pick up at DSN 535-3317. Current Overseas Insurance can be obtained through Geico or USAA.

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