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  • Fluff Dry Service

    Date: 2023/04/03
    Dry Clean, Laundry and Alterations Fluff Dry Service Wash, Dry & Fold Only (Comforters, Blankets & Towels Not Included) .55c Per Pound
    • Laundry Specials

      Date: 2022/01/31 12:00 AM
      OCTOBER 2 Sets of OCP's and get 2nd one for ½ price   NOVEMBER 10% OFF on Comforters/Blankets   DECEMBER 20% OFF Suits/Dresses   JANUARY $3.00 OFF on 5 or more garments (Laundry/Dry Cleaning)   FEBRUARY Bring in 3 or more sweaters and get ½ off on tot...
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