Tactical “Bullrun” Landing Zone

“The 65th Air Base Group (65 ABG), in combined operations with the Portuguese Air Force (PoAF), enable the Atlantic Air Bridge; a power projection platform that forms the backbone of global reach and power, expediting air power across Europe and Africa,” said Colonel Tammy Hinskton, Commander, 65 ABG.

During the past 3 years innovative experts from 65 ABG/PoAF worked together to create the “Bullrun Landing Zone at Lajes Field, Air Base #4. On 21 October, 2020 the LZ was inaugurated with a baptismal landing of a PoAF C-130.

“LZ operations allow for tactical aircrews to utilize C-130 and C-17 performance capabilities to land on small surfaces in austere locations. In these austere, underdeveloped locations, assault landing are necessary in order to move critical supplies to further develop forward operations bases or to support contingency operations in the region. Specifically, the runway 28 approach creates a training scenario accounting for extreme wind conditions as the aircraft approaches from over the Atlantic Ocean.” Hinskton said.

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