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      Hours of Operation   Contact Information Mon, Tue, Thu, Frid9 a.m. - 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.Closed every Wed. to conduct in-house training   Building T-112 room 202Phone: DSN 535-5137295-57-5137   The Lajes Field Civilian Personnel Section (CP...

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Civilian Personnel Office




Hours of Operation   Contact Information

Mon, Tue, Thu, Frid
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Closed every Wed. to conduct in-house training


Building T-112 room 202
Phone: DSN 535-5137


The Lajes Field Civilian Personnel Section (CPS) provides assistance for current and future Local Nationals (LN) and/or US civilian employees in a wide variety of areas.  Services include, but are not limited to:  Staffing, Classification and Employee Management Relations. 


Civilian Personnel Officer: 


- Michelle Hoeschen, 535-5137


Staffing and Classification: 


- Catia Relvas, 535-5200

- Miguel Janeiro, 535-3508


Services provided:  internal and external recruitment, temporary contracts, promotions, reassignments, temporary assignments (details), reduction in force, classification of positions and appeal procedures, position reviews/audits, authorization change requests (ACR), overhires, etc.


Employee Management Relations:


- Carla Leal, 535-4160


Services provided:  employee benefits, annual leave, leave without pay, justified/unjustified absences, work schedules, overtime, compensatory time off, night work, holiday work, performance management, incentive/honorary awards, on the job accidents, disciplinary/adverse actions, complaints, retirement, etc.


Human Resources Assistant:


- Cidalia Dias, 535-5137


Services provided:  CAC renewals, employment statements, union dues, meals/transportation updates, address changes, length of service certificates, TDY insurance coverage, etc.





- LN Annual Leave Plan: 15 Apr

- LN Annual evaluation cycle: 1 Apr to 31 Mar

- LN Annual evaluation effective date: 1 Jun

- LN Mandatory feedback: Oct/Nov




- TDY –LN employees or supervisors need to contact CPS prior to departure

- On the job accidents – reported within 24 hours – complete USAFE Form 50

- Occupational Diseases – contact the Medical Aid Station personnel

- Overtime work in excess of 2 hours must be reported to CPS

- Overtime work during designated days off must be reported to CPS

- Holiday work must be reported to CPS

- Comply with employees’ position description = work contract

- Assignment of duties not included in position description and/or higher level duties; contact CPS for proper procedures

- Work schedules for uncommon tours of duty of shift workers must be approved by competent Portuguese authority – submit to CPS 30 days before effective date

- LN job announcements posted during 1 week – broadcast via email/CPS front desk


LN Regulations

- Labor Agreement

- Labor Agreement.pdf  Acordo Laboral.pdf

- Work Regulation

- Regulamento de Trabalho - Work Regulation (english and portuguese).pdf 

- Work Regulation amendment - Jul 2009.pdf

- Lajes Field Instruction (LFI) 36-101

- Lajes Field Instruction (LFI) 36-101

Lajes Field Instruction (LFI) 36-101 - Portuguese.pdf



- Prohibited Personnel Practices

- OSC Slides - Prohibited Personnel Practices and Whisteblower Protection.pdf


US Civilians Info and Links:

- Hatch Act

- Hatch Act and DoD Employees.pdf

- Hatch Act Pamphlet - Sept 2014.pdf

- Whistleblower Act

- Whistleblower Act.pdf

- Thrift Savings Plan (TSP):

- USA Jobs:

- Benefits and entitlements (BEST):

Resources for US employees and Managers:

For additional information concerning, ABG policy letters, CPS tips, overtime notification samples, LN fitness program, TDY compensatory time info, CPS training dates and slides, templates and forms, please visit the CPS Sharepoint page at:

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